Want an agency provision with award-winning professionals, seamless project management and the pick of creative talent from around the UK?

Want it on time and on budget, whether you're after a PR campaign, a website design or a marketing strategy - and no matter if you're targeting regionally, nationally or globally?

You're in the right place with Lexia.

Virtual by structure, we pool the best creatives from the worlds of PR, journalism, design, marketing, web development and social media to combine our forces on your project in a dedicated but cost effective high-delivery fashion.

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Media Relations

We’re a team comprising of former journalists, so we know all about getting the right story in front of the right people. When you need PR, we sit down and discuss who you’re targeting, what your budget is, and what’s really going to make those journalists take note. Then we get to work on contacting editors and broadcasters to ‘sell you in’. We also deliver you a comprehensive status report so you can see a detailed ROI of our undertaking.

Internal Comms

Employee engagement is critical to your business. We deliver full PR audits to help you assess your internal strategy, then help you fulfil through our mix of strategic and creative solutions.

Business Development

PR is so much more than just a few press releases. We regard it as a vital component to business development. Our audit team work with you to assess where you are with your communications channels and to help you make new strategies in respect of all your internal and external communication routes.


Be it a press conference, a corporate networking activity, an awards dinner or a retail launch, we can assist you with venue finding, theme creation, costing and on-the-day staffing.

Design & Print

We don’t profess to do everything in-house, but we do say we’re proud and delighted to know the creatives and suppliers who can enable your print project to be designed and brought to your door on time, on budget – and exceeding all expectations.

Website Build

Yes, we know it’s possible to build a website off the shelf yourself, but if you want creative flair, project management and copywriting contributions (and some honest appraisal of your direction) we’re delighted to help you. We’ve helped all manner of organisations produce websites and match you to the right designer and developer for your budget and creative intentions.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin...and the rest! Social media is something we all dabble in, but if you rely on it for commercial means, you may wish to take a more comprehensive approach and engage us. We can either give you training and short term support, or manage your accounts for you.

Digital Marketing

It’s not a black art, but for some, it might as well be. We all know that rising up the internet search rankings is important, but it can need a specialist to help show you how – and why. We have the experts to take on your digital marketing projects, and we constantly refer digital in all our PR undertakings.

Media Buying

Want to advertise but not sure you’re getting the very best deal? Talk to us about media buying on your behalf.

Crisis Communications

If the worst should happen, would you know exactly how to handle a communications crisis? We have the experienced staff to help you through a communications crisis with 24/7 press office support. We can also provide you and your staff with media training – so you’re well prepared for any negative PR outputs.



We’re under no illusions that there are more than enough PR agencies or marketing specialists out there for you to choose from. Where we differ, we believe, is a considered and strategic approach which combines with our endless creativity and our customer-first attitude.

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Tasked in the late spring of 2013, Lexia was asked to implement a rebrand and PR campaign for Frinton Summer Theatre. Our efforts helped the organisation create a bold new look for 2013, and saw an ROI evaluation figure from media relations activity of some 152:1.

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