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Will you be standing on your doorstep for tonight's clap for carers? If so, the sentiments of our client @suffolkcarers' CEO Kirsten Alderson will be of interest. We're proud to be helping highlight the work of informal carers. #PR #clapforcarers suffolkfamilycarers.org/applause-for-t…

If you're preparing to get your business 'bouncing back' in the days ahead, we're happy to have a FREE chat via zoom to give you some inputs and ideas about creative approaches to marketing your presence. Mail deborah@lexiaagency.co.uk #business #bounceback #marketing

If you're interested in the voluntary sector or the impact of coronavirus on hardworking charities & community organisations, please take a read of this @EADT24 article about our client @CASuffolk's survey of sentiment, featuring CEO @chrisabraham36 #PR eadt.co.uk/news/coronavir…

If you're in the East of England you may well have heard our client @chrisabraham36 of @CASuffolk chatting this morning with @MarkGlennMurphy on @BBCSuffolk. We're so pleased to be able to help CAS reflect the voice of the VCSE sector at this significant time. #PR #charity

Huge thanks to @Oliverjourno1 and @EADT24 for capturing the story of the superb #AtMyBedside initiative from @suffolkcarers. We're delighted to have added our creative flair to this project & helped spread the word. #PR #business #carers #covid suffolk ipswichstar.co.uk/news/suffolk-f…

Having led the PR and comms for St John Ambulance in London for so many years in the early years of our agency starting, we're so sad to hear this. Sadly, the charity will be one of many to suffer in the sector. Today we're writing similar client news. thirdsector.co.uk/losses-force-s…

Great broadcast coverage on @itvnews @itvanglia demonstrating the incredible work of our client @suffolkcarers during this challenging time #PR #Suffolk #EastAnglia #Charity itv.com/news/anglia/20…

Coming up on @BBCSuffolk, listen to our client @suffolkcarers talking about a fabulous new project keeping patients at @IpswichHosp in touch with friends & family. Listen to @MarkGlennMurphy talk with Kirsten Anderson. #carers #nhs #healthcare #covid #suffolk #atmybedside

We're thrilled to see this great story of how client @SmilesWEDP is helping get vital #PPE to those who need in most in #health and #care roles. edp24.co.uk/news/health/no… #norfolk #news #dentist #PR #business #covid

Every organisation has a leader at its heart who is a voice of authority, and whose perspective really matters to the audience.... #blog #content #editorial #PR twitter.com/suffolkcarers/…

Some more great coverage for @TheMagnusGroup here in @EADT24. Thanks to the business team @EADTbusiness for covering the story. eadt.co.uk/business/magnu…

In these tough times, it might feel difficult to consider whether a spend on #marketing and #PR is appropriate...but perhaps there are agile options which would work better than you think. Get in touch to see how we can help. deborah@lexiaagency.co.uk

Great to hear @DeborahWatsonPR able to discuss @wearewednesdays and its latest grant success with @MarkGlennMurphy on @BBCSuffolk. More to follow about how you can benefit from the further funding. #eatingdisorders #covid twitter.com/DeborahWatsonP…

Take a listen to our client @chrisabraham36 of @CASuffolk in this fabulous podcast with @sophhbarnett of @EADT24 twitter.com/EADT24/status/…

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Public Relations

Public relations is forever evolving. The unparalleled rise of the digital era has a substantial urgency for PR practices to guide them into the light and prevent them from falling into the dark.

An organisation’s image, reputation, and public opinion impact business goals, success, and credibility. The PR sector has grown, developing to meet the demand of new technologies, and new ways in which corporation information and opinion reaches and gets exchanged amongst the public.

Today, an accomplished PR agency will assist clients with the likes of the following:

Encompassing the above elements into your strategies helps control your image, identity, and public trust.

Benefits of Public Relations

Good, well-managed PR is vital to ensure that you and your business is perceived in the way you want, by the people you want. As a public relations agency, we are passionate about reaping the benefits that come from proficient PR.

The core aim of public relations is to form a favourable viewpoint about a brand or business. In an ideal world, this opinion would be shared across employees, shareholders, investors, customers, and the public. Sustaining this means PR benefits have a long lifetime.

Smart public relation strategies allow you to effectively regulate and distribute the information and content that you want people to actually see, discuss and generate a stance from. Proper deployment of the appropriate tactics means you can be on your way to growing your image, identity, and reputation.

How Lexia Agency Can Help

At Lexia Agency, we offer a broad spectrum of PR services to help manage the respective image of your organisation. We can help potential new customers learn about your business and your offering, build traffic to your shop door or website – and create potential new customers who want to buy from you.

Client Testimonial

“We enlisted the help of Lexia for our Not-for-Profit Conference. They went out of their way to deliver a PR workshop that was practical and inspiring, yet realistic to the needs and capabilities of the audience.  The feedback we received from delegates was outstanding and we wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.” – Community Impact Bucks, Stacey Astley Clarke.

To discuss your PR requirements – from press release writing to major PR events – contact us today.