And so the race to announce the quirkiest food product for the festive season has begun. This time, forget pigs in blankets flavoured the Co-op brings you cauliflower cheese flavoured crisps! Thoughts? Either way, it's great PR for the brand…

Urgently looking to speak to a family in Norfolk or Suffolk where they've been unable to get help for a young person with an #eatingdisorder.

We're looking for a #school #academy or #college in the #Cambridgeshire area of the #UK to collaborate on an initiative concerning #mentalhealth and young people. Can you help? Email

As we approach the last weeks of the year, now is a great time to be thinking about your 2020 content and PR strategy. We're offering workshops for internal comms teams and small businesses who may want more help to plan ahead. Contact us for details. #PR #storytelling #media

Our client is looking to appoint mental health practitioners as part of a really exciting project in the East of England. If you're a #mentalhealth #nurse or a practitioner looking for a great new opportunity, drop us an email to hear more. #suffolk

Today we're providing a workshop for a B2B business seeking to deploy better tactics around its #PR, #Storytelling and content. This session will help transform their #communication to the #media, but direct to their clients and community too.

Don't forget to have your say on the future of @EastonOtley. The consultation closes at Midnight tonight. Your contribution is really important and helps shape the future of land-based learning. #suffolk #eastonotley #landbasedlearning #agriculture

Suffolk Action Week is a terrific initiative to encourage us all to consider ways in which we could #volunteer within our community. Use this week to see what skills and time you could offer. #volunteering #suffolk #suffolkactionweek #community…

The great #Brexit debate has opened up many divides. Today, we're with a client positioning #media relations opportunities on how this has impacted personal relationships more significantly than you might think. #PRlife #media

Well done Charity Comms on producing this specific guide for #PR practitioners and noting the potential for the 'keyboard warrior' / 'always on' nature of the work and its demands.…

A fabulous meeting in Suffolk this morning, kickstarting our Friday and coming at the end of a terrific week of client wins and project wrap-ups. How's your #weekendeve? #PRlife

We're very much looking forward to spending our morning with #business leaders in the voluntary sector, and in particular, discussing health and wellbeing. Now, more than ever, there's huge emphasis on the #VCSE being able to deliver in response to statutory service reduction

If you're in the #Wickhammarket or #woodbridge area of #Suffolk and visiting a @EoECoop, please do support the #socialenterprise @wearewednesdays which supports & educates re #eatingdisorders. 1 in 5 schoolchildren experience an e.d. #mentalhealth…

You can be sure plenty of PR agencies around the world this morning are busy discussing 'what would we have advised Ben Stokes to say or do'? and 'would we be taking the press to task this morning'? Will this be another legacy disaster in readership & loyalty for The Sun? #media

Does the helm of your business or organisation position themselves as a voice of authority on media worthy topics? Personal narrative from within corporate organisations can make such a difference in encouraging stakeholder engagement. #PR #Communication #storytelling #content…

Ah yes...the joys of the Press Trip. Anyone else had horror stories - either as the PR managing the journalists, or the journalist having a nightmare trip? 10 day QE2 trip & night partying in Greenwich Village, NYC is our best! #PR #journalist…

All of a sudden it seems it's become the 'in thing' to feature nostalgia in your #marketing tactics. Tesco have made it a key feature of their campaign, and now Mars brings back the Marathon...… #marketing #campaign #PR #advertising

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Media Training

Media training is now more important than ever before. Not only are news and radio broadcasting around the clock, but digital and social media operate 24/7.

Reliance on the media is fundamental to many businesses PR and marketing campaigns. Both online and offline media impact brand image, reputation, and awareness, and must be incorporated into your strategies.

Benefits of Media Training

Living in the modern world means media is more accessible to more people and organisations than previous generations. Digital and social media is still rapidly growing and everyone is looking for new and innovative ways to market themselves.

Media training provides you with an apt set of skills to handle the media as well as properly manage social media accounts across a variety of vital networks. Whether it be on television, the radio, or online, media training offers business leaders, teams, and key individuals the chance to hone their skill set and boost confidence when in front of the camera or the microphone.

Not every media appearance will be for the same reason. Times when crisis communications are required presents a challenging affair as questions may be more demanding, quick answers needed, and the pressure is on. Being prepared for these circumstances will help keep brand image and reputation intact.

Why You Need An Agency

Not everyone who develops a successful business or career will be ready for the glare of the media spotlight. The more success you achieve, the more time you end up spending in the spotlight.

Specialist agencies offer proper media training and the correct guidance on dealing with the media. SMEs and more locally-orientated businesses don’t always have dedicated teams for this and the expertise of local agencies is required.

How Lexia Will Help

Our media training will give you the tools deal with press and broadcasters effectively, teaching you how the media works and interview strategies. You will leave our workshops and courses with the confidence you need when preparing for, during, and post media appearances.

There is a variety of media training packages available for groups and individuals. We can also offer invaluable insight into social media, helping you understand the platforms available and how to choose the ones that can benefit your business.

We offer comprehensive PR services including brand storytellingcopywriting, corporate communications, crisis communications, as well as reputation management.

Client Case Study

We’ve delivered on behalf of the largest of charities – such as St John Ambulance – delivering communications strategy, media training, and publications, right across the board to smaller community-based charities that needed help in finding a foothold with the public in their own counties.

To learn more about the public relations services we offer or how Lexia Agency can assist with your PR activities, contact us today.