Definitely worth a read for those of you in the #VCSE sector in #Suffolk. @chrisabraham36 paints a really clear vision for the undertaking of @CASuffolk throughout 2020. Get in touch if you're a member & would like to share a casestudy of your work with CAS for media use. #PR…

Nothing like starting the week with final completion of a great marketing and comms project for the property sector. We've wrapped in everything from graphic design to CGI creation, #PR activity and content. We're so fortunate to have an incredibly skilled team across sectors

Some more great coverage for the social enterprise @wearewednesdays, with founder @DeborahWatsonPR discussing the issue around #eatingdisorder waiting times. #PR #media #news #health #socent…

Great to hear client @SmilesWEDP chatting on @BBCNorfolk about the potential consequences on oral health of jumping into the vegan diet without careful consideration. Listen from 55min #PR #dentist #healthcare #media…

If you're after a comment on #eatingdisorders and their devastating impact, in light of the #TaylorSwift story, please feel free to get in touch with us so that we can offer input from @wearewednesdays #PR #prrequest #media #journosource #voiceofauthority

Can anyone suggest a network or group of midwives in the #Norfolk and #EastAnglia area with which our client might be put in contact for a pilot #healthcare project? #PR #marketing #midwifery

And the coverage just keeps coming for @TheMagnusGroup. Thanks to @EADTbusiness @EADT24 for shining a spotlight on Olly and the new era for this superb #Suffolk #logistics #business.… #PR #marketing #transport #eastanglia #media #news

Congrats to @DanglerUK on another piece of coverage, this time in @AnglersMail. We're really pleased to be able to help share the story of this intriguing business.… #PR #business #marketing #sport #angling #Suffolk #investment

A busy day in store, including workshop delivery as part of #VillageHallsWeek. On behalf of our client @CASuffolk, we'll be presenting on the topic of how to use #marketing and #PR to increase engagement with a village hall or community building. #VCSE #Suffolk

Check out @SuffolkBusines3 for this coverage of @TheMagnusGroup and their #award shortlisting. Hugely well deserved for Olly and the team. #PR #logistics #transport #freight #suffolk #business #media…

More coverage today, fittingly #BlueMonday, for @wearewednesdays. Thanks to @StudentProblemo for including the views of the organisation's founder Deborah Watson… #eatingdisorders #mentalhealth #students #health #university #media #PR

Listen again to @DeborahWatsonPR chatting to @MarkGlennMurphy of @BBCSuffolk about #HarryandMeghan & last night’s speech. What will this mean for their reputation and profile?

Great to spot another fabulous piece of #media coverage for a #PR client during the weekend of publication browsing. Thanks so much to @AnglingTimesEd & team for carrying this piece on @DanglerUK #angling #fishing #business #investment…

What is the long term reputation impact on the Royal Family of the Harry and Meghan announcement? Has it been a PR disaster all round? @DeborahWatsonPR discusses on @BBCSuffolk with @MarkGlennMurphy shortly. #news #suffolk #bbc #royalfamily #PR

Take a read of this @EADT24 article about the festive experiences of #socialenterprise @wearewednesdays and its work with people affected by eating disorders.… #eatingdisorder #mentalhealth #news #health #business #nhs #PR

If you're a journalist discussing these figures in relation to #eatingdisorders and #mentalhealth, please let us know if you'd like to chat more about the work of @wearewednesdays and the resource it provides for individuals and families. #PRrequest…

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Crisis Communications

Crisis communication is a subset of public relations designed to defend, preserve, and safeguard a company should a challenge, risk or threat to reputation arise.

Crisis can have a negative effect on brand image and identity. Crisis communication plans are deployed to save reputations against potential threats that prevent themselves, keeping company stature maintained within the industry.

Why You Need An Agency

If you face a challenge which poses a risk to your business’s reputation, Lexia can provide you with the skill and expertise to manage and quickly address it.

Businesses need a crisis communications strategy firmly in place as often these challenges and threats are unpredictable. Sometimes marketing campaigns don’t go according to plan or unavoidable disasters do occur. Without a crisis management plan, rumours and false information can spread at an uncontrollable rate. The speed of media dialogue takes no prisoners: you need to be alert to potential threats to how your business is perceived in an instant and properly respond to them.

Smaller enterprises may not have a dedicated crisis team, but as a threat may occur at any time, agencies such as us recommend correct procedure plans to protect your image.

Benefits of Crisis Communications

A corporation’s reputation is at stake when a crisis does emerge. Effective methods of correspondence can help you control, respond, and deal with one should your business face a risk.

Often, people will fill in the gaps with their own information of draw views from third-parties which could be fuelled by rumour. A proper crisis management framework allows you to take ownership, respond, and repair before your corporation become tarnished by an unforeseen crisis.

For example, cyber attacks and email hacks are becoming a more unpreventable commonplace. Admitting you’ve experienced one, offering a solution, and informing of a fix allows you to be on top of the solution before false information spreads. However, some crises are more harmful than others but similar steps can be implemented to manage the situation.

How Lexia Agency Will Help

We have a record of dealing with various crisis communications issues – from on-the-ground events-based scenarios, to negative online dialogue, and inaccuracies in media reporting.

With information churning over in real-time, 24/7 access to social media, and the complication of unpredictable events, crisis comms offers an efficient, proactive response to help avert potential backlash or damage to reputation. Turn to Lexia and you’ll be kept in safe hands.

We also offer an extensive set of public relations services such as copywriting, corporate communications, media training, and reputation management.

Client Testimonial

“As a national charity, always looking to retain and attract members, to grow our income levels and achieve positive press coverage, it is vital we preserve our reputation in a crowded sector. We reached out to Lexia for solid and supportive crisis communication support at an important time in our life cycle. We were enormously impressed with their swift and considered expertise and highly recommend their service.” – Pets As Therapy, Cheryl Tissot.

Don’t face a crisis alone. Contact us for invaluable support and advice.