Thanks to @chrisabraham36 for this insight. A link here to an invaluable FREE resource for the county of #Suffolk if anyone is looking at their #fundraising opportunities…

We're helping a number of our #thirdsector and #charity clients with the writing of their bids and grants (being the wordsmiths we are!). Anyone have any experience of & success with the newly introduced @DSC_Charity #FundsOnline resource? Grateful for thoughts. #PR #content

Some more superb client coverage over the weekend. Thank you @rossebentley and the @EADT24 for capturing the event run by @RidunaPark and #GreenerGrowth. #suffolk #environment #business #PR #community…

You've just 48 hours left to get an entry in for these #awards in #Suffolk. @CASuffolk has been successfully honouring our region's #voluntarysector heroes for years, & now the awards get a fresh look & feel as part of a collaboration.Get your entry in.

Coverage still coming in for our client's recent event staged at @EastSuffolk's offices in Suffolk. Thanks @SuffolkBusines3…

Can you help with this? #schools #education #nursing #studentwelfare #pastoralcare #health…

Looking forward to not one but TWO major client events happening today. While #mediarelations is part of what we do, so is connecting businesses, developing networking opportunities & orchestrating #events which have the right fit for a client's commercial objectives. #PR

It's not all about column inches. It's about relationship building & creative idea development too. What do you judge your #PR provider on? Great for us to have a superb call just now about a collaboration we've buit for our client which is delivering vast benefit in many ways.

If you'd like to use the summer to gain some #PR insight and understand how your #business can make better use of #media exposure, get in touch about our hour-long or half-day workshops. Now taking bookings for these activities, which proved extremely popular last year.

If you know anyone battling an #eatingdisorder, please let them know about this #Suffolk event, being staged as the first of a series of such occasions by #socialenterprise @wearewednesdays…

Are you based in #Suffolk, #female. and have jumped to a world of #selfemployment in the last two years? We're working on an exciting client project over the summer & would welcome input from any #women wanting to share their views or experiences. email

It's #WorkAHolicsDay. Does that word ring true for you? Are you trying to tackle too much? One of the areas you could look to hand over is your #PR and #marketing activity. Chat to us today about providing a resource which is tailored for your budget and demand. #suffolk

test Twitter Media - It's #WorkAHolicsDay. Does that word ring true for you? Are you trying to tackle too much? One of the areas you could look to hand over is your #PR and #marketing activity. Chat to us today about providing a resource which is tailored for your budget and demand. #suffolk

A marketing refresh for Wimbledon this year. Even the greatest known sports brands need constant consideration when it comes to marketing and PR. #business #PR #marketing #wimbledon #toneofvoice…

Handing over a long-running project with a national #charity today, in which we've been revising internal #communications, developing #crisiscomms protocols, & delivering #mediatraining for directors. Are you a #thirdsector organisation worried about #reputation? Call us. #PR

Been debating writing an #award entry, or feeling you're missing a trick by not writing regular #content and #blog posts? We can help with that. We've expanded our content team even further in recent weeks and would love to assist. #PR #business

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Corporate Communication

Corporate communications is imperative to how organisations are perceived in the 21st century. It serves a variety of essential purposes, both internal and external, to ensure that the company’s core values are maintained across all channels.

Reputation is key. With crises occurring more frequently for brands and business, corporate communications has become a primary function for businesses of all sizes to help avoid potential scandals and keep reputations sturdy.  

Corporate communications encompass five fundamental elements:

  • Corporate Branding
  • Corporate Identity
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Corporate Reputation
  • Internal Communication

The combination of the above allows corporations to effectively outline their missions and visions to employees, stakeholders, future investors, as well as the general public.

Why You Need An Agency

Corporate reputations can be built sky-high, but they can come crashing down in no time at all. Agencies like ourselves work to preserve and protect reputations and uphold corporate identity.

Today, corporate communications play a leading role in the workplace. Often acting as the corporation’s conscience, well-developed strategies tie together branding, identity, responsibility, and reputation, reinforcing their aims and messages.

Lexia Agency can help with media training, guiding and preparing key members of the company for interviews, conferences, as well as television appearances. The power of the press release also goes a long way.

Benefits of Corporate Communications

Corporate communications is responsible for maintaining a significant marketing, communications, and public relations presence. An effective corporate communication strategy can help you build and retain profitable business relationships. Developing campaigns for a wider range of audiences such as internal staff, potential investors, board members, and the general public form the basis of a strong strategy.

Stories with impact need to be shared with people. Whether it be locally, nationally, or globally, this communication is vital for brand visibility. Without a presence, corporations may struggle to stay afloat during challenging times.

How Lexia Agency Will Help

Creating powerful, engaging, and relevant communications campaigns is a must for all enterprises, especially in an ever-changing modern era. Now, that’s where we come in. At Lexia Agency, we offer corporate communications solutions across a range of sectors and industries. Whether you’re the COO of a large corporation or the hands-on MD of a start-up enterprise, we can create an effective strategy that works for your business.

Our specialist PR practice can help you with brand storytellingcopywritingmedia training, crisis communications, public relations, assist in the growth of your corporate profitability and brand awareness. With an accurately delivered plan from Lexia, your communications strategy will maintain a credible reputation amongst the industry, your competitors, and to the public.

To discover the benefits of a well-planned corporate communications strategy, contact us today.