Another piece of superb #media exposure for @wearewednesdays. The @EADT24 captures how the organisation is launching a free course for families in #suffolk helping someone with an #eatingdisorder… #PR

Always nice to see some trade press recognition for a client so keen to congratulate a long-standing member of staff:… #suffolk #business #news #PR #rolandplastics #wickhammarket #woodbridge

We're working with a fabulous new client in jewellery and timepieces. If you're putting together feature content and would welcome a contribution with a fabulous backstory, do get in touch. #PRrequest #media #PR #jewellery #fashion

You can listen back to hear @DeborahWatsonPR talk to @MarkGlennMurphy on his @BBCSuffolk breakfast show about the tragic death of Caroline Flack and what role the press and social media may have played in how she felt. #BeKind.…

Wonderful #broadsheet coverage for client @wearewednesdays in @Telegraph. Do take a read and hear the founder talk about home visits as an option in #eatingdisorder support. #PR #mediacoverage…

Great to see #news coverage for #RolandPlastics and for the significant event in honour of a long-standing employee. Thanks @SuffolkBusines3… #suffolk #business #PR

If you're looking for a #business home in the area of #Duxford #Cambs, we highly recommend this. We're thrilled with our work on the brand, brochure, web & content for this great project. #PR #marketing #property

The 2020 Suffolk Business Awards is now open for entries. You've got to be in it to win what's putting you off applying? If you could use help from our team in creating a win-worthy entry, please get in touch with us to find out more. #suffolk #business #PR

Having received a client brief over the weekend for a new brochure and website - alongside the note that the client is at an international conference on Friday & needs it by then, this morning, we turn the site live & have the brochure complete. That's #PR life. #business

Always great to start the working week with news that another client has secured an award win. Never underestimate the power of awards for #PR value and brand recognition. Let us know if we can help with an entry #awards #business #marketing

Delighted to have been able to help a broadsheet journalist today, who is covering the important topic of #eatingdisorders in #boys and #men. Our client @wearewednesdays has a great casestudy of a father who has witnessed how this devastating illness has impacted his son. #PR

Would it be useful to know that a candidate you're assessing for a senior role in your organisation could handle the #media? Do existing staff need training? We've been involved in recruitment today & delivering a media based task for applicants. Can we help your business? #PR

Definitely worth a read for those of you in the #VCSE sector in #Suffolk. @chrisabraham36 paints a really clear vision for the undertaking of @CASuffolk throughout 2020. Get in touch if you're a member & would like to share a casestudy of your work with CAS for media use. #PR…

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Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling is the art of creating a business narrative to connect with your audience. Your story isn’t just the copy on your website or in print – it is so much more.

We all create our own stories. They need to be emotive, empathic, and engaging. The most intricate of details of your language, colours, employees all represent a never-ending potential of pages, creating lasting chapters in your business’s legacy to help your brand grow.  

As a passionate PR agency, we love getting involved in the groundwork to further an organisation’s image through the storytelling craft.

Benefits of Brand Storytelling

Business storytelling and the online era go hand-in-hand. Social media, blogs, advertisements, and visuals help people connect we new chapters of your brand’s story. If you do not have a story, you can easily become lost in the crowded online world.

Telling your brand’s story is now vital to business growth and visibility. Brand storytelling was birthed from content marketing; the new concepts of content require a patient touch and creation of brand stories is exploding throughout the world’s most fundamental industries. They are booming. Riveting and compelling brand content is what gets people talking and heading over to your company’s website.

Consistency is key. Brand storytelling strategies do not become born overnight – they are nurtured and grown. Style, content, phrasing, attitudes – the lot, create a recognisable image, This consistency helps attract visitors, eventually leading to that golden concept of brand loyalty. Something now business will be frowning about.

How We Can Help You

As a team of experienced PR professionals, Lexia Agency’s specialisms offer a complete public relations service. We work with clients in a number of major industries such as legal, health, agriculture, as well as with charities.

We offer a selection of essential services such as:

Digital and business storytelling is very much at the forefront of marketing strategies worldwide. It’s time for your business to tell their story…

If you would like assistance and guidance on creating expert brand storytelling strategies, please do get in touch with the team.