Today we're training another #health focused organisation in why #PR matters, and how to improve #storytelling both in terms of their #mediarelations and online #content. We love passing on our skills in this way. If you're interested in a workshop email

A great start to the day to get to chat to @chrisabraham36 of @CASuffolk about the busy months ahead for this dynamic organisation and its efforts for the #voluntary sector in #Suffolk. #vcse #charity #community #ruralproof #thirdsector #PR

With #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek now at midpoint, please do take a read of this article about the launch of @wearewednesdays, with its focus on #eatingdisorders, #empathy and #mentalhealth…

Client #PR photoshoot under way. Fun start to a sunny morning talking #suffolk #business and collaboration.

We're supporting a UK-wide client initiative which requires sourcing intimate cafe, restaurant or similar #event settings where we can host small gatherings for up to 14 people. Please contact #venue #event #PR #journorequest #PRrequest

test Twitter Media - We're supporting a UK-wide client initiative which requires sourcing intimate cafe, restaurant or similar #event settings where we can host small gatherings for up to 14 people. Please contact #venue #event #PR #journorequest #PRrequest

If you're interested in the #voluntarysector, in inspirational #women and in #Suffolk and its community, do take a listen to @chrisabraham36 of @CASuffolk on catch-up from yesterday's @BBCSuffolk interview with @lesleydolphin. Fabulous insight into her vision. Starts 2h.08

Here's what #journalists think about #socialmedia and the challenges for the #news industry...…

What's your view on #marketing tactics aimed at seniors? Take a read of this piece, looking at what's not working - and who's getting it right...… #PR #marketing #brand #storytelling

We're working with a client in need of more contacts in the world of #socialprescribing. If you've been involved in a pilot, anywhere in the UK,or would want to chat with our client, please get in touch. #PRrequest #healthcare #socialprescribing #business

Thanks to Ross and the @EADTbusiness team for their coverage of client @RidunaPark and their collaboration with #GreenerGrowth. Such a brilliant #biodiversity project for #Suffolk… #PR #marketing #business

Have you pushed your company website live in the last year but done little to change its content or maintain regular #storytelling? Let us form part of your communication effort. Drop an email to to see how we could help. #PR #website #Suffolkbusiness

We're very excited to be working with a new social enterprise, which is just days away from launch. Plenty to be achieved in the final stages, with #content to create, #mediarelations to handle, #socialmedia strategy to tweak, & #brandambassadors to identify. Love our work. #PR

Are you writing about #marriage and #relationships on a consistent basis? Our client takes a refreshing approach to helping couples (and families) achieve better quality relationships or resolve crisis. Contact us for info. #PRrequest #PR #clients

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Brand Storytelling

Brand storytelling is the art of creating a business narrative to connect with your audience. Your story isn’t just the copy on your website or in print – it is so much more.

We all create our own stories. They need to be emotive, empathic, and engaging. The most intricate of details of your language, colours, employees all represent a never-ending potential of pages, creating lasting chapters in your business’s legacy to help your brand grow.  

As a passionate PR agency, we love getting involved in the groundwork to further an organisation’s image through the storytelling craft.

Benefits of Brand Storytelling

Business storytelling and the online era go hand-in-hand. Social media, blogs, advertisements, and visuals help people connect we new chapters of your brand’s story. If you do not have a story, you can easily become lost in the crowded online world.

Telling your brand’s story is now vital to business growth and visibility. Brand storytelling was birthed from content marketing; the new concepts of content require a patient touch and creation of brand stories is exploding throughout the world’s most fundamental industries. They are booming. Riveting and compelling brand content is what gets people talking and heading over to your company’s website.

Consistency is key. Brand storytelling strategies do not become born overnight – they are nurtured and grown. Style, content, phrasing, attitudes – the lot, create a recognisable image, This consistency helps attract visitors, eventually leading to that golden concept of brand loyalty. Something now business will be frowning about.

How We Can Help You

As a team of experienced PR professionals, Lexia Agency’s specialisms offer a complete public relations service. We work with clients in a number of major industries such as legal, health, agriculture, as well as with charities.

We offer a selection of essential services such as:

Digital and business storytelling is very much at the forefront of marketing strategies worldwide. It’s time for your business to tell their story…

If you would like assistance and guidance on creating expert brand storytelling strategies, please do get in touch with the team.