We’ve all loved working on the @jessica_jane96 campaign initiative with @Nwes_Group. The auction on @Sellebrity_UK comes to a close today at 7pm, so do check it out for your last chance to bid….#fundraising #sport #eastanglia #charity sellebrity.org.uk/jessica-jane-a…

Our client is set to launch a very specific series of workshops around #tech and #GDPR. If you’re not sure how your #IT structure will be affected by the new rules on #dataprotection, the events will definitely be worth attending! #business #PR

This story suggests there’s still huge gender bias in how #marketing of toys plays out over #Christmas in particular. How conscious are you of equality in how you position your brand through #PR and marketing? marketingweek.com/2017/12/06/chr…

Which festive campaign impresses you so far…? #christmas #PR twitter.com/prweekuknews/s…

Have you and your company nailed down your #CSR strategy for 2018? Is it something you’d like a steer with? Drop us a line to schedule a chat with our team. #PR #charity #community #toneofvoice

More press activity taking place today for one of our #healthcare clients. Can we help your brand or business get better traction through the #media in your sector or region? #PR #marketing #brandawareness

Great to see our #Essex based globally-focused client getting well and truly in the spirit of Christmas during #UKCharityWeek. #christmasjumperday twitter.com/CCDGlobalEvent…

We enjoyed a giggle at this festive #PR tactic. twitter.com/prweekuknews/s…

Do you agree? Is @netflix delivering a golden #PR success story for the Royal Family? telegraph.co.uk/tv/2017/12/03/…

Want to give your #PR or #CSR strategy some consideration before the close of the year? We’d be happy to meet and share our insight. #marketing #business #Communications #media #partnerships

The festive campaign by @IcelandFoods reiterates the point that #storytelling and ‘real people’ can be key to animated & engaging #PR outreach. Which advert of the #Christmas season are you loving? prweek.com/article/145179…

The @coopuk says their Christmas #marketing was deliberately timed to go live at the start of December and not a moment before. Can your brand be too quick to enjoy the festive #PR power? Was their timing perfect? marketingweek.com/2017/12/01/co-…

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We can help you plan for and manage this dialogue to maintain and grow your reputation, in a positive way. We can also give you advice and support if and when, things go wrong.

Whether you need some advice on corporate communications, crisis management, copywriting, social media content or media relations we are here to help. Let’s start with a phone call today!

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