You can listen back to hear @DeborahWatsonPR talk to @MarkGlennMurphy on his @BBCSuffolk breakfast show about the tragic death of Caroline Flack and what role the press and social media may have played in how she felt. #BeKind.…

Wonderful #broadsheet coverage for client @wearewednesdays in @Telegraph. Do take a read and hear the founder talk about home visits as an option in #eatingdisorder support. #PR #mediacoverage…

Great to see #news coverage for #RolandPlastics and for the significant event in honour of a long-standing employee. Thanks @SuffolkBusines3… #suffolk #business #PR

If you're looking for a #business home in the area of #Duxford #Cambs, we highly recommend this. We're thrilled with our work on the brand, brochure, web & content for this great project. #PR #marketing #property

The 2020 Suffolk Business Awards is now open for entries. You've got to be in it to win what's putting you off applying? If you could use help from our team in creating a win-worthy entry, please get in touch with us to find out more. #suffolk #business #PR

Having received a client brief over the weekend for a new brochure and website - alongside the note that the client is at an international conference on Friday & needs it by then, this morning, we turn the site live & have the brochure complete. That's #PR life. #business

Always great to start the working week with news that another client has secured an award win. Never underestimate the power of awards for #PR value and brand recognition. Let us know if we can help with an entry #awards #business #marketing

Delighted to have been able to help a broadsheet journalist today, who is covering the important topic of #eatingdisorders in #boys and #men. Our client @wearewednesdays has a great casestudy of a father who has witnessed how this devastating illness has impacted his son. #PR

Would it be useful to know that a candidate you're assessing for a senior role in your organisation could handle the #media? Do existing staff need training? We've been involved in recruitment today & delivering a media based task for applicants. Can we help your business? #PR

Definitely worth a read for those of you in the #VCSE sector in #Suffolk. @chrisabraham36 paints a really clear vision for the undertaking of @CASuffolk throughout 2020. Get in touch if you're a member & would like to share a casestudy of your work with CAS for media use. #PR…

Nothing like starting the week with final completion of a great marketing and comms project for the property sector. We've wrapped in everything from graphic design to CGI creation, #PR activity and content. We're so fortunate to have an incredibly skilled team across sectors

Some more great coverage for the social enterprise @wearewednesdays, with founder @DeborahWatsonPR discussing the issue around #eatingdisorder waiting times. #PR #media #news #health #socent…

Great to hear client @SmilesWEDP chatting on @BBCNorfolk about the potential consequences on oral health of jumping into the vegan diet without careful consideration. Listen from 55min #PR #dentist #healthcare #media…

If you're after a comment on #eatingdisorders and their devastating impact, in light of the #TaylorSwift story, please feel free to get in touch with us so that we can offer input from @wearewednesdays #PR #prrequest #media #journosource #voiceofauthority

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Reputation Management

Reputation management is how you control your organisation’s reputation.

With the rise of the internet, the power of SEO, and the large-scale emergence of social media, a paradigm shift to online reputation management is focal to most corporations.

Benefits of Reputation Management

Offline and online reputation management covers many core aspects of business operation. Your reputation is critical to your business success, profitability, trust, customer retention, and staff morale.

The public are more likely to trust a brand with a good reputation. Brands with poorer reputations are likely to suffer, even more so with the mass use of social media and the powerful comments made by influencers dictates what we do online.

Credibility is key. Industries are competitive and being the big fish here definitely helps. Credibility has a number of knock-on effects such as trust, positive reviews, top SEO results. Ergo, this leads to a stronger reputation.

Online, especially in ecommerce, customer retention is core to success and profitability. High ratings and high-volume high ratings make you look good. And, good looking businesses can capture new shoppers, users as well as maintain a current crop of valued visitors. Bad reputation? Yes, you may not enjoy these same benefits.

Search engine results can be a blessing. You have the control to dictate how the online sphere sees you. You create the content around the topics you want to be discovered on. You phrase it to match company mission statement and to match your audience’s’ interests so that people genuinely find your content relevant. Your control over your search results can influence the decisions of potential customers.  

How We Can Help

At Lexia, we don’t just help you shout your successes from the rafters, but help you consider the impact on all of your stakeholders.

Building, maintaining, and improving reputation require different areas of expertise. Whether it be word of mouth, digital, social, the impact on reputation is still the same. Often one of two ways, positive or negative, reputation management companies can be relied on get your brand image in good public standing. Reputation management may be required as a result of a corporation crisis, but don’t worry, we can help you with that too.

Our extensive set of services also includes copywriting, media training, public relations, and more.

Client Testimonial

“As a national charity, always looking to retain and attract members, to grow our income levels and achieve positive press coverage, it is vital we preserve our reputation in a crowded sector. We reached out to Lexia for solid and supportive crisis communication support at an important time in our life cycle. We were enormously impressed with their swift and considered expertise and highly recommend their service.” – Pets As Therapy, Cheryl Tissot.

Contact us now to discuss how we can protect your reputation.